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Kim Advisory Capital is a leading disruptive innovation consulting firm for high-tech ventures. We've helped dozens of worldwide brands design and launch new disruptive innovations, some of which have reached over $600 Million revenue and 50 Million users worldwide... starting from nothing but an idea and a small, passionate team.

Featured by The New York Times, Washington Post, the BBC, ABC News, Bloomberg TV and others, Michael Kim leads Kim Advisory Capital and is the former Director of XBox Live and Co-Founder of Microsoft's New Consumer Products Studio. For more than 20 companies, we have successfully tested and applied only the most effective innovation design methods from Harvard Business School Prof. Clayton Christensen ("The Innovator's Dilemma"), Prof. BJ Fogg (Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab), IDEO, the "Lean Startup", and many others. Our research team includes Ph.D. scientists from Harvard, Yale, & Seoul National University.


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