Kim Advisory Capital is a leading global disruptive innovation consultancy, based outside Seattle, Washington.

We have helped dozens of worldwide brands design and launch new disruptive innovations - some of which have reached over $600 Million in revenue and 50 Million users worldwide - starting from nothing but an idea and a small, passionate team.

Depending on the unique needs of each project, we also assemble seasoned innovators and executives from our curated network of over 2,000 industry affiliates, covering multiple industries (e.g., the former President of XBox, Chief Technology Officer of IDEO, Chief Learning Officer of Mars, et al.).


Featured by The New York Times, TED, Fast Company, CNN, Bloomberg TV, Harvard Business School, and others, Michael Kim leads Kim Advisory Capital and is former Founder of Microsoft's New Consumer Products Studio. He also serves as CEO of Habit Design®, which was spun out from Kim Advisory Capital.

While pursuing his Ph.D. studies in Innovation Management at Harvard, Kim was trained in Professor Clayton Christensen's disruptive innovation model at Harvard Business School. Subsequently, he was recruited to join Microsoft's Advanced Technology Group by Microsoft's Chief Science Officer and collaborated with Dr. Christensen's research team to deploy and refine Christensen's model. While at Microsoft, Kim's roles included Founder & Director of Microsoft's New Consumer Products Studio and Innovation Management Council, and leading Product Management and Design for over a dozen new ventures and acquisitions including XBox Kinect, XBox LIVE, Pixelsense (previously "Surface"), TellMe (Microsoft's largest acquisition at the time), LinkExchange/bCentral, MSN Messenger (now part of Skype), .NET MyServices (a precursor to iCloud & the Facebook Platform, now part of Azure), Microsoft eCommerce, et al. Bill Gates called their effort "the coolest thing we've done in the last 5 years." During this period, he also served on the Board of Advisors to the MIT Media Lab.

After leaving Microsoft, Kim was the CEO & founder of the advertising industry's first word-of-mouth referral network, Grapevyn, backed by WPP, the world's largest advertising conglomerate. Built with Facebook, Amazon, and Google alumni, Grapevyn was the first to successfully define a social networking-based business model for the exchange of trusted private referrals and received the "Innovation of the Year" award from the Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association.

Kim holds a B.A. from Yale University and an M.P.P. focused on Innovation Management from Harvard University, with joint M.B.A. studies at Harvard Business School. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Seafair and resides outside Seattle, Washington with his wife and two children.


Selected Recent Honors 

The White House, Advisor on Science & Technology Policy

Harvard University, Consultant to the Office of the President

TEDMED, Behavior-Change Innovator of the Year

MIT Media Lab, Advisory Board

B.F. Skinner Award/Lecture for Organizational Behavior Management, Association of Behavior Analysis International

GE, Healthymagination Game-Changer Award

Health Enhancement Research Organization, Innovation Showcase

Stanford Medical School & Institute of Design (""), Adjunct Lecturer

IDEO, Guest Lecturer

Association of Talent Development International, Keynote

Seoul Digital Forum, Global Visionary

IBM, Graduate Assistant to the Chief Scientist

Coro Foundation, Fellow

SeaFair, Chairman of the Board